Bloomberg says, “Oregon is the picture of economic health.” Matthew Winkler, editor-in-chief emeritus of Bloomberg News, published an article February 9 talking about how the state has had the best performing economy in the nation over the last year. The study measured employment, home prices, personal incomes, tax revenues, mortgage delinquency, and publicly traded equity of its companies.

The study speaks for itself but we do have to say that over the past year the real estate market has completely boomed. People are getting back to a place of comfort from the depression. In 2015 we had a large number of past clients coming back to us ready to purchase a larger home or even pick up some rental properties. It is truly a seller’s market right now with inventory so low but hopefully forecasts like this one may help motivate anyone who was on the fence to make their move while the economy is in such a good place.

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