Many realtors and sellers come to face the shocking moment when their  property just can not be sold. Maybe it is much easier to buy a house for a cheap price rather than sell it fast.
Here are the reasons why your property is not selling:


  • The buyers in your market don’t agree with your asking price.
  • IF there is a buyer with the means & desire to buy your property, your promotional efforts haven’t reached them yet.


The solutions to that would be:


  • Creating a better property listing.
  • Promote thee listing in better places and more frequently.
  • Offer seller financing with attractive terms.
  • Make Improvements to the Property
  • Offer a Home Warranty
  • When buyers Say “No”? Ask Them Why!
  • Build a Buyers List
  • Pick Up the Phone & Seek Out Buyers
  •  Lower the Price
If you are interested to know more about things to do and how to do it in order to sell your property, check this link.